Germany - October 2011

When i started my travel, i decided to buy a bike and a trailer in Berlin. Then i rode trough the north germany, and met some amazing people by the CouchSurfing system. This is the map of my way.

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This travel was my first one in Germany and i can say it was amazing. As a french guy i had some small prejudice about this country and his people, surely cause of the historical issues, but a lot more cause my ignorance.
Now, i'm hoping i'll have the timeliness to go back in this wonderful country.


We spend 10 days in the capital city of Germany, and the first things i noticed were the significance of the Turkish community and the low prices for a town of this span. I obviously recommend to visit it. Indeed, as you can find so much different stuff to do, it's impossible to be bored by this town if you are a tourist.
The center is a lot commercial and if you like malls you'll find everything you want. Big offices buildings, stores everywhere, junk-food ; this is the part were it's difficult to fall on something specifically German (except Curry-wurst).
In the south-east, (Friedrichshain-Kreuzber) you will be in the part were people live more simply, those districts are the kingdom of second hand stores, pubs and night grocery; The atmosphere is more festive and there is a lot of young tourist during the night.
At the west, you have to see the big park "Tiergarten". All the historical touristic side (brandbourg gates, checkpoint Charlie, museums...) are close to this park, in the direction of the center.

Sweden - November/ December

For reason of timing with my wwoofing host, i took the train and ferry from Eckernforde (Germany) to Visby, Sweden. I'm now on the Gotland island and i will stay here during november and half of december.

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